Luxury Smart Watches in Dubai

Luxury smart watches in Dubai: Top 2021 Trends

Smartwatches are portable electronic devices designed to be worn on your wrist. It’s the result of the marriage between a wristwatch and a smartphone. For example, they use touchscreens and offer apps (such as recording your heart rate, and giving you social media notifications) but will also tell you the time. The usefulness of wearing a mini-computer on your wrist is undeniable and has prompted the popularity of luxury smart watches in Dubai.

While there are many differences between the types of smartphones you can buy (i.e. daily use vs. specific purpose) there are certain standard features. Like most kinds of wearable tech, you must do your research to find the right brand and model for you.

What Makes The Wilken Smart Watch Stand Out?

When it comes to luxury smart watches in Dubai, we at Wilken, are proud to be able to deliver a product that stands out. Not only have we incorporated the essential standard features, but also luxury ones that customers will feel gives them a solid return on their investment.

  • Notifications:Smartwatches display notifications to alert you of important events or activities. Standard watches will simply mirror the applications that are already on your phone. Luxury smart watches in Dubai will incorporate features that only a wearable device can have. For example, wearing a watch with a  ‘fall sensor’: When the wearer falls, the watch senses his/her movement after that. If the watch doesn’t detect any movement, it will send a series of notifications. If the wearer fails to respond, the watch will assume that he/she has been seriously injured and sends an alert to the authorities on their behalf
  • Fitness Tracking:Standard features on most generic smartwatches will include a heart rate monitor and pedometer to help you track your workouts. However, a luxury brand could include more robust/niche features such as weather forecasting for specific purpose hiking applications
  • Good Battery Life: Most smartwatches will get wearers through an entire day with normal use. However, luxury brands can give wearers up to three days from a single charge

Ready to get luxury smart watches in Dubai?

Well, you’re definitely in the right place. We pride ourselves on technologies that are both innovative and sustainable. As such, our luxury smart watches in Dubai offer the best solutions for a multitude of different needs. ” Quality products designed to be hassle-free, easy to use, with practical tools for daily tasks” is our mission. One look at the products we have on offer will confirm that we succeeded!

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